Jasper Jay

An adventurer and philosopher who collects stories by moonlight, I write to inspire and immortalize what I’ve learned. I write snarky and often dark, gay romances set in worlds not too unlike our own.

Always a storyteller, my current work is writing novels, being an AuthorTuber and traveling the world though I’ve done a great many things in my short life.

I’m fascinated by people, their missions, goals, passions, and pursuits so in turn, my characters are often what I long to be; the romantic, the king, the con artist, the wise old bat, the ignorant child.

I see the world through quixotic eyes and live to enjoy the moment. I love to work and am always creating new projects for myself and for the world. I really strive to make others happy and give them a place to express themselves as well as people to relate to.

Not Writing

Jasper currently works as a peer support specialist. He works with LGBTQ+ youth to support them in making the best of their lives.

He’s also quite popular on Tik Tok and loves to film videos. In fact his college degree was in Film Production. He learned how to use shop tools, build props, and do interior design. These skills mostly go towards his cosplay and sculpting but he still works on the odd film.

When he’s not filming, cosplaying or watching anime, he usually working on one of his novels, his blog, or binge watching interior design youtube videos. In the early mornings he goes figure skating and tends to his plants. He loves to travel and meet new people too, but tends to stay home most days.

“Eddie would go.”

(You should google this.)

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