Unique Gifts For Fiction Writers (and 10 best books on writing)

So you’ve made friends with the ever illusive introverted fiction writer. As it gets ever closer to Christmas we need to start thinking about what the best gifts would be. Here are some ideas and places to get started. 1. Etsy Customisable Artists love supporting other artists, that’s why Etsy is the first one I’llContinue reading “Unique Gifts For Fiction Writers (and 10 best books on writing)”

Introverts, Cats, and Writing

How can you write great character interactions? Well you might have heard some famous writers saying “carry a note pad and write down interesting conversations”. But let’s be honest. Most writers have regular jobs, and when you are trying to catch up on your word count, you might not have the time or money toContinue reading “Introverts, Cats, and Writing”