STOP Trying to Doing Everything Right (writing, marketing, and publishing advice)

Is it possible to do everything right when creating a novel to be published? There are thousands of blog posts (not to mention all the books, youtube videos, college classes, and E-courses dedicated to writing) about what to do to create the perfect novel, the perfect query, get published, and sell millions of copies. IContinue reading “STOP Trying to Doing Everything Right (writing, marketing, and publishing advice)”

Tricks to Get Through the First Draft of Your Novel

Finishing a novel isn’t only a great excitement it’s also a weight off your shoulders. I remember letting out a deep breath, looking at the words ‘the end’ and then being completely lost as to what to do next. Writing this book had been the main goal of my past five years. Since then I’veContinue reading “Tricks to Get Through the First Draft of Your Novel”

The only tip you need to actually finish the draft of your novel.

So I’ve written about six novel-length manuscripts averaging about 80,000 words and started around 23 different projects in my lifetime. So what was the difference between the ones that were completed and the ones that were abandoned? This one change to my writing style did it all for me. Every novel I’ve started to writeContinue reading “The only tip you need to actually finish the draft of your novel.”

Your Characters Aren’t in Enough Danger

In the age of video games where it only takes a click of a button for your favorite character to respawn, it’s easy for new writers to fall short when trying to create rising action. Lucky for us, there is one very simple thing to keep in mind to make sure your action actually risesContinue reading “Your Characters Aren’t in Enough Danger”

Why Writers Need a Three Color Notebook

My most trusted notebook has three different colored pages, and it is my most valuable writing tool. Pink, purple, and blue each represent something very specific and it keeps my writing crisp and fresh. It is my most valuable guide, character developer, plot generator and the one thing I used to write all three of my novels. TheContinue reading “Why Writers Need a Three Color Notebook”

The Authors Reference Sheet to Fast Draft a Novel

This is how I have outlined and organized the content for my most recent novel, Own Most. It is making the process of writing go much faster and easier than it ever has before. By this I mean 20,000 words in 8 days of work, which is much faster than I ever have before. I hope thisContinue reading “The Authors Reference Sheet to Fast Draft a Novel”