Tough Decisions Ahead- Overcoming the Anxiety (and many choices) of Self Publishing

So maybe you’ve made the tough decision to selfpublish. Wow. That right there already took so much mental energy. Now you also face the task ahead- getting your novel ready for publication. I used to sit and stare at my manuscript and wonder if it was ready. My phone’s glow would light up my faceContinue reading “Tough Decisions Ahead- Overcoming the Anxiety (and many choices) of Self Publishing”

Interview With Self-Published Author Annie Louise Twitchell

Annie Louise Twitchell used to be like the rest of us, an aspiring writer. But she was braver than the rest of us and took on the challenge of self-publishing. Her book Spinner of Secrets has been described as an “amazing retelling” and “an enchanting fairy tale retelling written with a lyrical hand.” She has been running herContinue reading “Interview With Self-Published Author Annie Louise Twitchell”

Why Publishers Will Only Read Your First Page!

I have always thought it was unfair that a publisher spends so little looking at people’s novels before sending the rejection letter. But recently I was able to talk with an editor about why that is. This is the most important thing she told me. When a READER picks up your book, makes it past theContinue reading “Why Publishers Will Only Read Your First Page!”