Times of my Life- a short story

You’ll never quite know how valuable a life is until you take one for yourself. It’s sudden, when a life drains from the life of your opponent. But you know it’s a necessary evil. The monsters drop one by one, they’ve never seen a gun before. The first one you’ll kill will be the toughest.Continue reading “Times of my Life- a short story”

My Top 5 Youtubers and What They Can Teach Us About Telling Stories

My favorite social media is Youtube by far so it tends to influence the way I write. These are my favorite storytellers on youtube. I left their links so please check them out and support them! Super Carlin Brothers Ben and J explain ideas like everything is a huge plot twist and it’s charming. TheyContinue reading “My Top 5 Youtubers and What They Can Teach Us About Telling Stories”

My 6 Favorite Books From Childhood

    All writers have to get their spark from somewhere. For me, it was middle school, the peak of my reading career. These are my favorite books from that time. I won’t summarise them because you can find that anywhere.     Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism You wouldn’t know howContinue reading “My 6 Favorite Books From Childhood”

The ‘Pump Me Up’ Playlist and Why You Need One.

There are some days when the work is overwhelming. So I created a playlist of some of my favorite videos to watch to get my energy up. I dubbed it the “Pump Me Up” playlist because I can always find something on it to get my energy up so I can get work done. I suggest you makeContinue reading “The ‘Pump Me Up’ Playlist and Why You Need One.”