Becoming a Full-Time Writer

Most people only dream of becoming a full-time writer. It sounds impossible, to make a living writing. So how do so many people do it? Today I’m breaking down how one becomes a full-time writer. How A Writer Makes Money Your primary goal as a writer would be to sell the book you write. ButContinue reading “Becoming a Full-Time Writer”

How to Set Reading Goals That You’ll Actually Stick Too

When setting goals I like to be as free-flowing as I can, that is until it comes to reading. Last year I casually saw the Goodreads reading challenge and decided to try it out. I blew my measly goal out of the water. So in preparation for all of us reaching our reading goals, IContinue reading “How to Set Reading Goals That You’ll Actually Stick Too”

How to Define Success–Things to Learn To Be An Expert

How much do you really need to know in order to be an expert? Mike Boyd has popularized his style of learning, learn quick, on his YouTube channel. In contrast with the 10,000 hour rule, he sets goals for skills to learn and it takes him a surprisingly short amount of time to obtain hisContinue reading “How to Define Success–Things to Learn To Be An Expert”

How to Plan and Set Yearly and Monthly Goals

This is the first year I’ve used a calendar. I set lots of goals at the beginningĀ of 2018 so here’s how I plan out each month and week to archiveĀ these large goals.

What is the Plot of the Story of YOUR Life?

Why leave anything to chance? I think you can shape the plot of your life and completely plan it out. If you want to know how read on. This is the notepad I use in this post but it is not required:Ā Accomplish Knock Knock Pad Stop for a moment and write down things that youContinue reading “What is the Plot of the Story of YOUR Life?”