Inspiration from your creative playground

When you were a kid didn’t you enjoy playing in a field or on the monkey bars or even climbing trees? I sure did, and still do, but my playground has changed quite a bit. For writing purposes, I developed a planet where all dreams go once they’re forgotten. As you might imagine, a lotContinue reading “Inspiration from your creative playground”

Fast and Easy Symbols for Fiction Writing

What makes humans different than every other animal on earth? What makes us able to work together and accomplish such big projects? The ability to make and use symbols, like art, music, and most importantly language. Many writers are afraid of symbols, maybe they were scared off by being lectured about them in school, butContinue reading “Fast and Easy Symbols for Fiction Writing”

Characters with dominant emotions

When you look at a character you have written for, do they jump off the page? Do your own little people interest you? If they don’t, you’re not alone.  A lot of people list character traits, and that’s not wrong; Knowing who your characters are and what they stand for is very important. It is,Continue reading “Characters with dominant emotions”

Creative Characters and Plot

One of my favorite things is writing for different types of characters.  The easiest way for me to write is by having an interesting or funny character do something interesting or funny, and readers like it too. For me the easiest way to do this is by making a true odd ball and seeing howContinue reading “Creative Characters and Plot”