Becoming a Full-Time Writer

Most people only dream of becoming a full-time writer. It sounds impossible, to make a living writing. So how do so many people do it? Today I’m breaking down how one becomes a full-time writer. How A Writer Makes Money Your primary goal as a writer would be to sell the book you write. ButContinue reading “Becoming a Full-Time Writer”

Kindel Direct Publishing (KDP) Tips, Tricks and Secrets: a Resource Guide

Planning to release an ebook on Kindel Direct Publishing? Here are all of the resources I’m using to publish my novel ok KDP. First, here’s the link to Amazon’s help guide. This video shows how to be very successful with any book you publish, traditional or self-publishing. He first starts talking about building a brand.Continue reading “Kindel Direct Publishing (KDP) Tips, Tricks and Secrets: a Resource Guide”

A Writer’s New Year’s Resolution:

I will try to people watch every hour I will try to learn something every day I will try to write a blog post every week I will try to send out an email every fortnight I will try to read a well-written book every month I will try to speak with an industry professionalContinue reading “A Writer’s New Year’s Resolution:”

Self publishing Vs. Traditional publishing: thinking about money

It’s a question as old as the internet, which is better self publishing or traditional publishing? The answer isn’t simple. What might work for you might not work for someone else. I’m going to outline the pros and cons of both, but they are surmised in the picture above. Of cores everyone is concerned aboutContinue reading “Self publishing Vs. Traditional publishing: thinking about money”