The Habit of Being a Writer- Why?

“You should be writing everyday”- how many times have you heard that one? “Read books in your genre” is often countered with “Writers should read broadly” – both still imply you should be reading all the time. “Schedule your writing time- yes write it in on your calendar” – usually accompanies rebuttals about not writingContinue reading “The Habit of Being a Writer- Why?”

Gaining Inspiration and Motivation so You Can Finish your Novel

Many famous writers will tell you to ‘just write even if you aren’t inspired’ but writer’s block is a long and difficult battle to fight. Finding inspiration can help to get rid of writer’s block, get more word per day, make more time for writing, and simply enjoy writing more. With that in mind hereContinue reading “Gaining Inspiration and Motivation so You Can Finish your Novel”

How to Write 50,000 Words in 15 Days (and a video!)

We’re partway into nano now so I figured it was time to give you a boost. I’m not competing this year as I’m editing my novel for publication. But two months ago I completed my 50,000 words in 15 days. I created this video if you would rather listen to me explain. The most importantContinue reading “How to Write 50,000 Words in 15 Days (and a video!)”