Becoming a Full-Time Writer

Most people only dream of becoming a full-time writer. It sounds impossible, to make a living writing. So how do so many people do it? Today I’m breaking down how one becomes a full-time writer. How A Writer Makes Money Your primary goal as a writer would be to sell the book you write. ButContinue reading “Becoming a Full-Time Writer”

Tips Should Writers Take From Modern Media (TV, Video Games, Film, Anime)

Writing is by far the most inspiring media we have. So many different stories transcend time. Told by billions of different people, they are the gateway to other points of view and other passions. But more and more people have been turning to the easy to access and addictive TV, films, and video games (duh).Continue reading “Tips Should Writers Take From Modern Media (TV, Video Games, Film, Anime)”

Kindel Direct Publishing (KDP) Tips, Tricks and Secrets: a Resource Guide

Planning to release an ebook on Kindel Direct Publishing? Here are all of the resources I’m using to publish my novel ok KDP. First, here’s the link to Amazon’s help guide. This video shows how to be very successful with any book you publish, traditional or self-publishing. He first starts talking about building a brand.Continue reading “Kindel Direct Publishing (KDP) Tips, Tricks and Secrets: a Resource Guide”

Life After College

Hey guys. Today I wanted to talk about what I’m doing with my life after I graduate. I talk about finding an apartment in Chicago, deciding where to live, finding a job in film, and the future of this youtube channel. I ramble quite a bit in this video but I recorded almost 30 minutesContinue reading “Life After College”

How to Plan and Set Yearly and Monthly Goals

This is the first year I’ve used a calendar. I set lots of goals at the beginning¬†of 2018 so here’s how I plan out each month and week to archive¬†these large goals.

Get Determined! At the Garfield Conservatory- Video

I wanted to talk a bit about determination while I was at the Garfield Conservatory. This is part of my ‘become the main character of your life’ series. If you want see the the blog post that goes along with it, here it is: