When Writing Feels Impossible

Sometimes we just want something so badly and it fails. Sometimes we know we shouldn’t do something and we do it anyway. Sometime this causes burnout. Sometimes this is because of burnout. I’ve spent most of my life doing something because I think I ‘should’. As a result everything I ‘should do’ ends up failing.Continue reading “When Writing Feels Impossible”

Gaining Inspiration and Motivation so You Can Finish your Novel

Many famous writers will tell you to ‘just write even if you aren’t inspired’ but writer’s block is a long and difficult battle to fight. Finding inspiration can help to get rid of writer’s block, get more word per day, make more time for writing, and simply enjoy writing more. With that in mind hereContinue reading “Gaining Inspiration and Motivation so You Can Finish your Novel”

Becoming a Full-Time Writer

Most people only dream of becoming a full-time writer. It sounds impossible, to make a living writing. So how do so many people do it? Today I’m breaking down how one becomes a full-time writer. How A Writer Makes Money Your primary goal as a writer would be to sell the book you write. ButContinue reading “Becoming a Full-Time Writer”

STOP Trying to Doing Everything Right (writing, marketing, and publishing advice)

Is it possible to do everything right when creating a novel to be published? There are thousands of blog posts (not to mention all the books, youtube videos, college classes, and E-courses dedicated to writing) about what to do to create the perfect novel, the perfect query, get published, and sell millions of copies. IContinue reading “STOP Trying to Doing Everything Right (writing, marketing, and publishing advice)”

Why Setting Matters More Than Characters in Many Novels

I remember being asked the same the same question two times in my life. What are the words that you use to define yourself? EX: Mother, Father, Writer, Reader, Explorer. After making a long list choose three. For a character, three character traits might define them but you see the same traits repeated over andContinue reading “Why Setting Matters More Than Characters in Many Novels”

What It feels like to Finish Writing a Novel

Euphoria. Where ever you are when you put down the last line of your first draft, you will stop and look around as if seeing the world for the first time. Every breath will seem new, delightful, fulfilling, life-giving. Every sound is pleasant, softly filling the world with a harmony of earth song. Empty. CompletelyContinue reading “What It feels like to Finish Writing a Novel”

Dissecting Query Letters That Get Your Manuscript Read!

I’ve been very fortunate to receive three custom responses from publishers on my first manuscript World War Marlow. So today I wanted to share the structure and ideas behind how I broke mine down. I’ll be writing this mostly for people who were in my shoes last year- having only the base knowledge of whatContinue reading “Dissecting Query Letters That Get Your Manuscript Read!”

How to Develop a Character With a Strong Personality

I always envied anime because fans dress up as their favorite characters and meet up to talk about them. I always wanted a highly recognizable main character that people would fall in love with. So I did a study of my favorite characters. This is the presses I use to create characters that are extraordinary.Continue reading “How to Develop a Character With a Strong Personality”

Tips Should Writers Take From Modern Media (TV, Video Games, Film, Anime)

Writing is by far the most inspiring media we have. So many different stories transcend time. Told by billions of different people, they are the gateway to other points of view and other passions. But more and more people have been turning to the easy to access and addictive TV, films, and video games (duh).Continue reading “Tips Should Writers Take From Modern Media (TV, Video Games, Film, Anime)”

Choose Your Hero- advice on writing and living a great story

I’ve always wished that life had a character creator. The idea of clicking a button and not only looking like but fundamentally being a new character has always excited me. I used to seek out games that had highly customizable hero, but in the end, the ones I’ve enjoyed playing the most are where theContinue reading “Choose Your Hero- advice on writing and living a great story”